About the Foodie

Do you like to cook? bake? eat out? or just…eat?

Well, I do! I love to cook, bake, enjoy festivals, and explore restaurants. Self-proclaimed chocoholic, I have a huge sweet tooth and an obsession with everything chocolate and peanut butter. Though I love the decadent treats, I also make lots of healthier options too.

Most of what I cook is healthy. Sriracha chicken is my specialty. Really, it’s all about balance. A delicious, healthy dinner, with a homemade, satisfying dessert. See…balance.

Whether it’s for a party, birthday, or just because, I am always whipping up something new and seeking out occasions to bake for.

If you find yourself looking for a tasty treat, feel free to reach out to me. I can do as grand as wedding cupcakes or as simple as a batch of cookies. I’ll work with your needs and budget to create the perfect treat.


Tastefully Yours,


The Fetching Foodie Cartoon_180 pixels


me and drinks

2 Comments Add yours

  1. neccowafers says:

    So many awesome recipes on this blog – great work! =) Also, we love your background image. Cupcakes with our classic Sweethearts? Genius! Look forward to reading your entries!

    1. Thanks!! I love the Sweathearts!
      Let me know if you have a favorite treat you want to see!

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