We Drank the District, Did You?

We Drank the District, Did You?

April 6, 2013:

It’s a beautiful, sunny, lightly breezy Saturday. I grabbed my sunglasses and headed for the metro, ready for to enjoy the day and have some fun.

Where was I going? Drink the District: Wine Edition– a 1-day all-you-can-drink wine event hosted at Yards Park (near Nat’s Stadium).

I was helping out for the first session (12-4PM) and then drinking the second session (5-9PM). How’d it go? AMAZING! This event was such a blast. It was the perfect place to relax and drink wine with friends.

Session 1: Bird's Eye View!!
Session 1: Bird’s Eye View!!

Look at all those people! There were well over 100 different wines to taste, in 5 different tents. One of the tents had a bunch of local wineries in it too! Super cool.

I had some friends come to the first session while I was helping at the event, like these lovely ladies!

Pi Phi Does Wine
Pi Phi Does Wine

Now, time to drink some wine!

Honestly, I’m no wine expert, but some of these wines were OUTSTANDING! There was an Asian Pear wine (from a local vineyard) that was amazing. Also, Capital Teas was there with a tea-infused wine (wine-infused tea?) that was awesome! Unique, dynamic, flavorful. It was amazing!

For those who needed a wine break, but still wanted a drink, you could head to this guy!

The token beer man at the wine festival!
The token beer man at the wine festival!

Ok so you can’t see it very well. but he had beer! I don’t like bubbles, so not my thing, but there were plenty of people enjoying the bubbly beer!

Friends! I "participated" in the second session ;)
The crew enjoying the event

That’s me + most of our wine-drinking group. You can see the tasting glasses that everyone got. They weren’t glass, which was good. Some sort of plastic I think, which was perfect considering we were in a field. They had an indent on the back that was perfect for your thumb! Oh and stemless, so much easier than stemmed ones (in my opinion).

Session 2 Bird's Eye View! (This was towards the end, so people had begun to head out.)
Session 2 Bird’s Eye View! (This was towards the end, so people had begun to head out.)

Here’s a shot from above of the second session! I took the picture towards the end, hence why it looks emptier than the first session photo! It did seem like there were more people there for the first session than the second, so that’s good to know for the future!

That being said, at either session, the lines for wine never were more than about 5 minutes. A lot of the time, for the second session, I just walked right up, no-lines no-waiting.

There were also spots where you could get FULL POURS! Yes, that’s right, you could get a full glass, which was awesome. We got full pours before heading over to the food trucks for some delicious food!

The cost of the food wasn’t included in the ticket price, but that was fine. You could just purchase whatever you want! A bunch of us ended up getting sandwiches from the Mojo truck. It was probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. Do I have a picture? Nope, didn’t even think of it until I was done eating it! It was sub-style, with chicken, fried egg,¬†mozzarella¬†cheese, lettuce, tomato, and special sauce! SO GOOD! And this was the most “basic” sandwich they have! There’s also steak, pork, and vegetarian (provolone cheese), and additional toppings include black forest ham,¬†sauteed¬†onions, avocado, and bacon! I highly recommend– try them out!

Quick Round-Up:


  • Unlimited Alcohol
  • Affordable Price ($30-$50. The price went up as the event date got closer)
  • Fun with a group
  • Good food options
  • Close to metro


  • IF you were looking to learn something about wine, this was not the event for you. It was more about just casually trying wines and drinking.
  • Long bathroom lines. (Don’t worry, there will be more for the future, so I hear.)

Would I attend Drink the District again? Absolutely. For a good time, bottomless booze, and great food options, with friends,on a Saturday afternoon, this was excellent.

Looking for the next one? Future Drink the Districts are scheduled for June 29th and July 27th! Keep tabs on their Web site and Facebook page for more details & ticket information!

Cheers! What’s your favorite type of wine?