Taste of DC 2013!

Taste of DC 2013!

Last weekend was the 2nd Annual Taste of DC!

This 3-day festival takes place on America’s Main Street– Pennsylvania Avenue! This year, the whole festival was fenced in from 9th to 14th streets. It was great! (For those who went last year, you’ll remember that the festival was not closed in. Why the change? Well, one of the largest perks I can see is that by enclosing the entire festival, people could carry and enjoy alcoholic beverages throughout the whole festival, rather than solely in designated areas, as it was last year. Because of open container laws, when the festival was not enclosed, the only legal way to buy and enjoy the beer and wine at the festival was to go into 21+ only areas. This meant, for example, that Mom and Dad couldn’t enjoy alcohol unless they left their kids unattended outside of the alcohol area– a big problem considering this is a fun-for-all festival!)

Anyway, the festival was wonderful, delicious, and fun!

I was helping out with the event, so I did not get to experience it exactly as I would have if I was an attendee. With that, I don’t have a ton of photos..

What I can say, is that there definitely were a LOT of restaurants and plenty of variety!!

My Top 5 Favs of the Weekend were:

1) Wicked Waffle!

A fluffy, warm waffle, with lots of chocolate (way more than is in this pictures), banana slices, and powdered sugar! It was AMAZING!

2) Carolina Kitchen Bar and Grill

Absolutely delicious mac & cheese and cornbread!! The mac and cheese was the best I have ever had!

3) Captain Cookie– Food Truck!

Hands down, the BEST chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever bought!! Soft in the center with a crispy outside, gooey chocolate– melt in your mouth! They also were making on-the-spot cookie ice cream sandwiches!! You could pick the type of cookie(s) you wanted (you could use 2 different flavors! i.e. chocolate chip and peanut butter, or snickerdoodle and pumpkin walnut!), and then pick your ice cream flavor! We had one made with 1 chocolate chip cookie, 1 peanut butter cookie, and pumpkin ice cream!! HIGHLY recommend!

4) Co Co Sala

Bacon Mac & Cheese Tart! Always a winner!

5) Capital Teas

I had a perfect cup of tea that tasted exactly like apple crisp!! It was phenomenal!

Not only was there great food at the festival, but the music was awesome too!! Sean Paul, Andy Grammer, and Eric Hutchinson were the 3 headliners. Andy Grammer was my favoriteРI loved every single one of his songs, and he seemed like a genuinely nice person too!

He even played right in the crowd for a bit! Really cool!

Such a fun Columbus Day weekend! I’m already excited for next year!