Scott Drewno of The Source Wins Cochon 555 for the Third Time!

This past weekend, the 4th annual Taste of DC brought hundreds of restaurants, beers, and wines to Pennsylvania Avenue.

crowd pic

Look at all those people! Food was tried, drinks were imbibed, and lots, LOTS, of fun ensued.

Two additional long-standing, delicious events took place at Taste of DC this year– Punch Kings & Pigs and Cochon 555 Heritage BBQ. Cochon 555 takes 5 expert chefs and challenges them to a competition creating delectable menus using 200 pound, whole, heritage breed pigs. Yes you read the right, WHOLE PIGS!

Brady Lowe is the founder and creator of it all– promoting putting the local back in BBQ restaurants.

The outstanding five chefs competing were:

Scott Drewno of The Source

Erik Bruner-Yang of Maketto

Kyle Bailey of Birch & Barley

George Pagonis of Kapnos

Joe Palma of Bourbon Steak

Chefs and Brady

Scott Drewno won this year’s event, becoming the Global BBQ King for the third time. CONGRATS!!

And now, I will let the pictures do more talking. Get ready to drool…

Let’s start with Scott:

The Source (3)

These were my two favorite dishes from him– that’s pork belly on top, and a pork pickled vegetable lettuce wrap on the bottom. SO DELICIOUS!

The Source

The Source (2)

Flying off the table!

Rachel and Erica

Oh yeah, that’s us right after eating it. SO HAPPY!

Next up, Erik Bruner-Yang (Maketto and Toki Underground):

Toki Underground

Toki Underground (2)

Third, my personal favorite, Kyle Bailey of Birch and Barley

Birch and Barley

Birch and Barley (3)

Birch and Barley (4)

That’s Kyle– mid-wave saying hello. HI KYLE! Your food is amazing.

Oh, and what I somehow do not have a picture of– his red velvet cake. You might be wondering– how did it incorporate the pig? Well, that red color = blood of the pig!! And the frosting– the lard. And, it was delicious (Tiffany MacIsaac giving you a shout-out here too!!)

Chef Numero 4: George Pagonis of Kapnos

First, the beautiful judging table:

Kapnos (2)

And here is what he served up!


I love that he had a menu out so we could see exactly what we were trying (and so that I could snap a photo of it!)

Kapnos (8)

This (below) is the coffee and sugar pumpkin pork pie…queue hunger…NOW:

Kapnos (7)

George also did a blood red velvet cake, but in mini cupcake form. Super cute. Both cakes were delicious and oh so clever!!

Finally, the 5th competing chef: Joe Palma of Bourbon Steak

Bourbon Steak

How could you not eat that? Nom..

In addition to the 5 competing chefs, there were other fantastic chefs from the area who each prepared one dish from their favorite global BBQ culture.

Kicking it off:

Alec Bradford at Leaping Waters Farm in collaboration with Benjamin Nola of Rose’s Luxury

Benjamin Nola Roses Luxury Leaping Waters Farm

Benjamin Nola Roses Luxury Leaping Waters Farm (2)

Benjamin Nola Roses Luxury Leaping Waters Farm (3)

Haidar Karoum of doi moi

Doi Moi

Jeffrey Buben of Vidalia


Zack Mills of Wit & Wisdom

Wit and Wisdom

Wit and Wisdom crop

Craig Hartman of The Barbeque Exchange

Craig Hartman the barbeque exchange

And Ed Witt of The Partisan (I ate his food before taking a picture of it!)

For dessert (well you know, dessert in addition to the pig-inspired desserts) we had ice cream sandwiches from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. My favorite was the hazelnut cookie sandwich with chocolate ice cream in the middle:

Jenis Splendid Ice Cream

Impossible to eat just one…

And of course, to wash down all of these flavorful, spicy, savory, sweet, and comforting dishes, there were libations. Lots of smoooooth alcohol..

Four Roses Bourbon (2)

My favoirte drink of the evening was Four Roses’s Bourbon Summer Citrus cocktail. I had 3. On a Sunday. They were AWESOME!

Four Roses Bourbon

Also some soothing red wine from Anakota Winery:

Anakota Wine

And beer  from Goose Island Beer Co. The IPA was my favorite.

Beer (2)


And of course, the Perfect Manhattan Bourbon Bar featuring Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace, Breckenridge Bourbon, Templeton Rye, Four Roses, Glenrothes and Luxardo:

Perfect Manhattan (2)

Perfect Manhattan

They’re served in mason jars/ How cute is that?!?  Adorable, yet SO strong, the way a Manhattan should be.

But wait, THERE’S MORE!

 There were cheeses from Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese:

Kennys farmhouse cheese

A short rib bar prepared by Tom Hall:

Tom Hall

And, what I should have said first, WELCOME RIBS!

Welcome Ribs

That’s right, guests were welcomed with trays of ribs. What is cooler than that? Seriously.


CHEERS to another absolutely brilliant and could-not-be-tastier Cochon event! Until next year…

Rachel and Erica (3)