Round-up: Best of DC 2015 Celebration

There are so many restaurants in DC! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could try a bunch of them all in one night?

Enter: Washington City Paper’s Annual Best of DC Celebration!


Now in it’s 3rd year, this event celebrates the top 50+ restaurants, breweries, distilleries, and musicians in the DC area, as voted by Washington City Paper readers. It was held in the beautiful Carnegie Library in Mount Vernon Square.

Each restaurant had a bite to offer, and man, everything was delicious!

What was the best? These were my highlights…

GBD Apple Fritter

Dessert first (naturally): GBD apple fritter donuts. Holy cow, these were finger-licking good. They also had a funfetti donut that tasted similar to the cake, but even BETTER! What is more fun than funfetti?!

PJ Clarkes sliders

A classic here: PJ Clarke’s mini sliders. They bring these to events like this often, and you know what, it works. It an all-american mini cheese burger with a dollop of their house-made ketchup.

Brabo Mussel salad

Brabo, a Robert Wiedmaier restaurant located in Alexandria, had a lovely mussel salad. I love mussels (and, you’ll notice, all seafood..) with a bacon vinaigrette and an avocado puree. Say what? Yes, that’s mussels, bacon, and avocado. I might have had two..

Founding Farmers Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke Bites

Founding Farmers, one of my favorite restaurants, served up spicy ahi tuna poke bites. Perfectly bite-sized, these little guys were nice and fresh. I love ahi tuna. mmm

Vinoteca democracy is so overrated bourbon grapefruit cocktail

A cocktail of course– this one brought to you by Vinoteca. It’s a bourbon grapefruit cocktail that was not too sweet and not sour– it was juuuust right. Cheers…

Tico Scallop Ceviche

Tico, the New American small plates restaurant located on 14th street, had a fresh scallop ceviche. I love a good ceviche, and this did not disappoint.


I’ve never actually been to 1905 restaurant, but was pleased with their bites served here! That’s a cornbread panzeanella with oven-dried & smoked tomatoes, picked mustard seeds (who knew that was a thing?) and avocado puree. Avocado puree was popular….for very obvious, good reason.

Cashions Eat Place Chicken Liver

Ever had chicken liver? I hadn’t! It was delicious, thanks to Cashion’s Eat Place.

Del Campo Smoked Beer Tartare

Del Campo’s Smoked Beef Tartare. Some hearty, tasty MEAT.

Firefly pork belly and beans

Can’t have one of these food events without some PORK BELLY! Aww yeahh, thank you Firefly. This pork belly was served with flavorful beans, and the pork belly itself tasted like perfectly-cooked super-thick bacon.

Pops Sea Bar Seafood Salad

Pop’s Sea Bar had a seafood salad that was tasty. Another restaurant I haven’t been to but have been wanting to try!

Teds Bulletin poptart

And finally, I’ll close with a good ol’ AMAZING mini poptart from Ted’s Bulletin. It’s so cool that Ted’s does poptarts on a regular basis. This one was blueberry cheesecake. And mini! So cute.

Not only was their fantastic food & drink, but there was also music in every room! Live bands and DJs, added a great beat to the event. White Ford Bronco was there, though admittedly I didn’t see them. The majority of the restaurants ran out of food by 8:30, which is when I left, but the advertised end time was 10pm. So, perhaps they went on later in the evening.  Love me some White Ford Bronco though– I’m sure their set was outstanding.

Want to see all of the Best of DC winners? Head over to Washington City Paper’s website! It makes for a nice bucket list… 😀

Until next time…