Prosciutto-Rimmed Cocktail Wins Pisco Competition!


Do you like drinking delicious cocktails? On rooftops? In the beautiful sunshine? By a pool? If yes (who would say no?), you would have loved this event!

This past  Tuesday, Washington City Paper hosted the first Pisco Fest cocktail competition on the Liaison Capitol Hill Rooftop.

There were mixologists from 6 DC restaurants each creating a signature pisco cocktail to serve up.

Ronald Flores, Art & Soul
Mary Kelly, Del Campo
Jo-Jo Valenzuela, City Tap House
Jon Arroyo, Farmers Fishers Bakers/Founding Farmers
Jess Woods, Room 11
Franklin Jones, The Gibson

In the end, Del Campo’s Mary Kelly crafted the winning drink. What made it stand out? The prosciutto-rimmed glass!

Del Campo (4)

In addition to the prosciutto, the cocktail had smoked cantaloupe, pisco porton, fresh lemon, and mint.

Del Campo

Del Campo (5)

It was pretty incredible.

While I LOVED the prosciutto cocktail, my personal favorite of the night was City Tap House’s Spiced Berry Pisco Sour.

City Tap House (4)

City Tap House

The key ingredient that did it for me was the egg white– the frothiness gave the drink an almost smoothie-like consistency. And the flavors were spot on.

City Tap House (2)

I’ve never had a drink from Jo Jo that I didn’t enjoy. We must have the same taste in alcohol…

City Tap House tied for second place in the competition with Farmers Fishers Bakers. Jon Arroyo created the Pisco Fizz, made with Macchu Pisco. (Note: Jon was unable to attend– but the two guys who did were great.)

Farmers Fishers Bakers

Now, those of you who know me well know that I have this aversion to things that are bubbly. As in, I don’t like carbonation. Why? I don’t know, it’s just..a thing..

BUT. this drink, even though it was called a fizz, wasn’t all that fizzy– I loved it. It’s pretty, and it was really refreshing.

Farmers Fishers Bakers (3)

I could see it as a great summer cocktail you could sip all day, whether that’s by the pool, on a patio, on your couch….

Art and Soul’s Ronald Flores (winner of Margarita Wars a few weeks ago), made another tasty cocktail.

Art and Soul (4)

Honestly…I don’t know what was in it. But really, I could drink it all night long.

Art and Soul

Room 11 is a restaurant/bar the I’ve never actually been to in person, but I’ve enjoyed what they have to offer at the events they’ve been at. This time, mixologist Jess Woods made “The Leaping Lima”:

Room 11

I like that they gave the cocktail a creative name. The coconut water gave a subtle and delicious tone of coconut to the drink. Well-balanced.

Room 11 (2)

And finally, last but certainly not least, The Gibson’s Franklin Jones represented with a pisco 100 beverage.

Gibson (2)

As far as the utilization of the pisco, this drink tasted the most like pisco. So, if you love the taste of pisco itself, this would have been the cocktail for you.


You’ve been looking at all of these drinks with pisco, but are you wondering what exactly pisco is? Have no fear! Washington City Paper did a great job of explaining it on their event web site, and I quote:

“Pisco is a potent South American brandy with a storied history and a passionate following. Pisco is exported from Peru and is made from only certain varieties of grapes, which are fermented and distilled into a potent aguardiente. It is the essential ingredient in the now world famous cocktail, the pisco sour.”

Rachel Melissa Sitting

The ambiance of the event was pretty sweet. The rooftop was gorgeous and had lots of comfy loungey furniture surrounding the gorgeous pool.

lounge furniture

pool (2)

If you ever need a hotel to recommend to someone for a stay in the District, this would be a cool spot. Not only is the hotel lovely, but there is an impressive view of the Capitol building from out front of the lobby.

Congratulations to Mary Kelly for winning the Queen of Pisco title! Can’t wait til next year.


Rachel Melissa Standing 1