Funfetti Cookie Sandwiches with Cream Cheese Frosting!

Aka: “Little slices of heaven”

pic 8

That’s the feedback I got when I brought these little beauties to a friend’s birthday celebration!

I love birthdays. And as you may have guessed, like to create new treats to make for people’s birthdays. Don’t get me wrong– birthday cake is classic, and sometimes, there’s nothing better than your favorite cake on your birthday. But other times it’s kind of fun to try something new.

…and personally, as someone who actually isn’t the biggest cake fan (I’m more of a brownie girl), I love this stuff. Especially when you’re going to a celebration at a bar and maybe bringing a full on cake wouldn’t be appropriate…

Whatever the reason, these cookies are, well, “little slices of heaven.” You’ll have to just try ’em out!

First, start with making a batch of my funfetti chocolate chip cookie dough. I have to admit, this time around I didn’t chill the dough at all and the cookies still came out great.

When you take them out of the oven, they’ll look like this:

pic 1

Nom. Pause for a moment to gaze at them.

Now, make your cream cheese frosting (scroll down in that post to find the recipe). One batch of frosting was enough filling for all of the cookies except 6, so it’s about the right amount. (I’m going to make frozen yogurt cookie sandwiches with the few extras! :))

Cool the cookies completely on a wire cooling rack.

Of course, I still recommend trying a cookie (or two) while they’re warm. There’s nothing like a fresh cookie warm from the oven…

..but, the filling is where the magic happens.

When your cookies are cool and you’re ready with your frosting, flip over all of the cookies so that the bottoms are facing up:

pic 2

Next, pipe a wonderfully generous amount of frosting on 1/2 of the cookies (you can also just dollop the frosting on with a spoon or knife).

pic 3

Then, top the frosted cookies with their unfrosted tops

pic 4

And finally, roll in chocolate sprinkles (AKA JIMMIES!!) (Or more colored sprinkled, or you technically dont HAVE to do this step).

pic 5

Oh and of course, take a bite!!

I started playing around with them, you know, like by making a cookie pyramid.

pic 6

Totally normal…

pic 9

These are great for birthdays or really any time you want to celebrate…like…Sunday Funday (that counts right??)

Kids also love ’em because of the colors.

One batch will make you about 30 cookie sandwiches– watch how fast they fly!

pic 7


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  1. Rachel – These changed my life! I cannot and will not stop talking about them… thank you for gifting this recipe to the world : )