Foodie Event #2 of the Weekend : Alexandria’s Food & Wine Festival!

Foodie Event #2 of the Weekend : Alexandria’s Food & Wine Festival!

After a wonderful Friday evening at Toast of the Town, I was excited to continue my foodie weekend at Alexandria’s Food & Wine Festival on Saturday!


I went to both of these events with my friend from Taste of DC, Hallie.  I’ve always been a foodie, but since working at Taste of DC, I’ve become obsessed with all of these types of festivals and events!

This is technically the 1st Alexandria Food & Wine Festival, and it was really great! Small in comparison to others like Taste of DC and Taste of Arlington, but the size felt right!

Tasting tickets were 25 tickets for $20, and everything at each restaurant could be 1-5 tickets.  Hallie and I each bought a book of 25 tickets, and we were able to try food from every restaurant, and almost every item that each establishment was offering!! It was awesome!

And here is what we had!

The first thing we tried were ahi nachos from Chart House Restaurant. They were definitely delicious! It was 3 tickets for these 3 little bites, which seemed a little “expensive,” espcially when compared to the other restaurants at the festival, like….

Fish Tacos & Chicken Quesadillas from San Antonio Bar & Grill!! 5 tickets for 3 tacos, and ONE ticket for the quesadilla!! These were all so so flavorful and tasty! The slaw on the fish tacos was perfect, and the quesadilla was crispy and gooey! We went back and got the whole order again a second time later in the day 🙂

Next up, the best crab cake I have ever had!! Seriously, mega-props to Clyde’s, I can confidently say this is my new favorite crab cake!

Look at ’em! Juicy, flavorful, and full-sized! At 5 tickets per crab cake, it was so worth it! Not only my favorite crab cake to date, but also my favorite savory dish at the festival.

Next, Walker’s Grille was offering…

Braised short ribs with Bok Choi, a crab cake, and…

mini lemon meringue tarts! We got the short ribs and the tart. The short ribs were tender and perfectly cooked, and the lemon tart was refreshing and deliciously lemony! We didn’t get the crab cake because it looked so small, yet was still 5 tickets.  I’m sure it was delicious, but after Clyde’s crab cake, just decided not to get another one.

La Tasca, one of my favorite restaurants from DC that also has a location in Old Town, was our next stop!

I LOVE their chicken empanadas (on the left)!! Crispy & spicy! On the right is chorizo sausage with peppers & onions on a toasted bun! Soo good!

Indigo Landing Restaurant had 3 different gazpacho soups.

I had the split pea soup (on the right). It was good & creamy! Hallie had the melon soup (on the left) which was also nice & refreshing!

Delia’s Mediterranean Grill won best appetizer at the festival!

On the right are mini grilled cheese bites, topped with a sweet jam. The sweetness of the jam with the super-creamy cheese was divine! On the left are 3 different Mediterranean dips with grilled pita bread! The tzatziki dip was my favorite!

After Delia’s, we stopped by Jamieson Grille’s booth, which is the restaurant in the Westin hotel.

They had fresh heirloom tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and balsamic, which all paired very well together! The standout item here though were the cheesecake cups!! So smooth, so creamy, the best dessert at the festival!

Rita’s Italian Ice was there too!

 I’m not a huge icey fan myself, but it was so hot outside, that this was perfectly refreshing! I had a few bites of Hallie’s 🙂 It’s lemonade flavor!

And finally, no food festival would be complete without a cupcakery, right?

Alexandria Cupcake!

This is a red velvet.  They also had a variety of other flavors, like strawberry and black & white.  You know I love baking, and I make my fair share of cupcakes and cakes, but personally, cake isn’t my favorite dessert. I’m more of a brownie lover. BUT,  as far as cupcakes go, this was a very moist red velvet cupcake with creamy, not-too-sweet cream cheese frosting.  I was impressed, good cupcake!

annnd there you have it!! That is a recount of all of the eateries at the festival!! There were a few items/flavors at certain places that we didn’t try, but we were able to try the vast majority of the foods!

We didn’t go into the wine area; we just weren’t really feeling like wine in the 90+ degree heat. It was hoppin’  in there though– full of happy people & alcohol!

I was really impressed with the whole festival!! It was well organized, ALL of the food was outstanding, and the price was very reasonable!

I’m looking forward to going next year!!