Dark Chocolate Cabernet Cookie Sandwiches with Cream Cheese Frosting!


So I was going to an engagement party and wanted to bring something more special than a regular cookie, but not a cake.

Enter: Red wine cookies. But I had made those before and, though amazing, I wanted to kick them up a notch. So…how about some cream cheese frosting, sandwich it between two cookies. and…..

These little beauties were born.

I brought them to the party and they were a huge hit!

Want one? Let’s do it.

First, make one recipe of my dark chocolate Cabernet cookies.

Then, a batch of my cream cheese frosting.

Put the frosting into a pipping bag (like it says in the recipe). Then, take one cookie, pipe on a generous dollop of frosting. Smoosh another cookie on top. and boom!


They practically melt in your mouth.

Warning: it’s hard to eat just one! Best to share with friends 🙂

I also made red wine brownies while I was in the baking-with-wine groove. Gave those as gifts.


What makes you happier than red wine, chocolate, and cheese, amiright?!


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