Craft Brews, Giant Patio, Suckling BBQ…Need I Say More?


There’s a new brewery in town and you’ve got to check it out.

Just picture it: it’s a warm sweltering hot summer DC day. You’ve been working hard at the office all day– between meetings, phone calls and general work bombardment. As 5 o’clock nears and you glance our your office window into the sunshine, you think to yourself “man, I’d love a beer.”

LOOK NO FURTHER! Denizen’s Brewing Company opens their doors to the public tomorrow, July 16.

As you approach the brewery (coming from the silver spring metro, it’s a mere ~8 minute walk), the first thing you’ll see:


Immediately your head will instinctively turn left, and your mouth will drop as you gaze at the incredibly large outdoor patio. Capacity: 150 people to be exact. They do not make patios like this in DC-proper folks. It is truly a sight to be seen.


You can grab a table under an umbrella, or enjoy a seat in the sunshine. There is an outdoor bar that is made from (and looks like it is made from) a big piece of tree. Pretty cool.


Go ahead a grab yourself one of their own rye IPA’s while you’re admiring the cool bar. They brew that beer right downstairs in the brewhouse basement. Within the next couple of months, you’ll have a selection of at least 5 standards that they make themselves too.

Not feeling the outdoors? Head on inside where you’ll find another bar and comfortable couches and stools. Grab yourself another cold one while you’re in there.

Now you’re hungry, right?

In August, BBQ bus (a food truck you’ve probably seen rolling around DC), will be opening up their first brick-and-mortar location at Denizen’s. Pulled pork? Chicken? Wings? How will you choose? It all goes so perfectly with your beer…

(Of course, if you are not feeling like beer, a selection of wines are also available.)

Put this at the top of your new-places-to-go-to list. I bet you’ll become a regular.


Denizen’s Brewing Co.

1115 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910