The Best Green Smoothie Recipe! Cheers to #health

Happy New Year, folks! It’s 2017. January. You’ve set your New Year’s resolutions and if you’re like 99% of the rest of the American population, you’ve vowed to eat healthier, save money, and workout more. #amiright?! Green smoothies are a tasty, easy way to add more nutrients into your diet. Your lifestyle. Green smoothies, when…

Acai what?! Make your own acai bowl!

Acai bowls are one of the latest health trends Smooth, creamy, satisfying, and healthy! Acai is a fruit that comes from palm trees found in South America. Here in America, acai comes frozen, in packets. I’ve heard Trader Joe’s sells them (so great)!! The most economical way to buy it, though, is in bulk online….