Acai what?! Make your own acai bowl!

Acai bowls are one of the latest health trends Smooth, creamy, satisfying, and healthy! Acai is a fruit that comes from palm trees found in South America.


Here in America, acai comes frozen, in packets. I’ve heard Trader Joe’s sells them (so great)!! The most economical way to buy it, though, is in bulk online. Since I very quickly became hooked on these bowls, I convinced myself the bulk-online route was the way to go.
wp-1475106211977.jpgIt comes in individual packets, in packages of 4. I bought 10 4-packs for $88. If you do the math– that’s only $2.20 per pack.

Let me take a step back– have you had an acai bowl before? I had my first one this year. Think of it kind of like the food-child of an ice cream sundae and a parfait. The base is sweet, thick, and creamy– like ice cream. Then top it with, well, anything!┬áCoconut flakes, fresh fruit, dried fruit, granola, nuts, seeds, or even chocolate chips. The options are endless! Then you dig in. crunch toppings, cool creamy acai. It’s delicious.

If you buy an acai bowl from one of your local juice/smoothie shops, it’ll cost you about 10 bucks, or more.

And that’s why I decided I wanted to create my own. Well that, and, there are hardly any places in DC where you can buy one! Blasphemy, if you ask me. I may start an acai bowl business. So if you’re interested in a bowl…

Anyway, making an acai bowl! This one has acai, banana, spinach, and cinnamon in the base. Topped with flaxseeds, chia seeds, granola (homemade), figs, dates, blackberries, and strawberries.

First, prep:

  • Hours before (or days before), peel and slice a banana, and freeze it.
  • For the bag of spinach (mine is 6oz) open it a little and then pop it into the microwave and steam for 4 minutes. 1 bag will make 2 bowls.

When you’re ready, take out the acai and the banana from the freezer and let them sit out for 5-10 minutes. Then place them in a food processor. Add in half of the bag of cooked spinach, and a few dashes of cinnamon. Blend! You will end up with a smoooooth, creamy purple concoction. Yum.

Put the acai blend into a bowl, and top as desired! My favorite is:

1 Tablespoon flaxseeds
1 tsp chia seeds
2=1 Tablespoon granola
a few blackberries, chopped
a few strawberries, chopped
1 date, pit removed, sliced
1 fig, sliced

And you get this!

You can eat it for breakfast, as a snack, as a meal….it’s a healthy, complete source of healthy fats, protein, & fiber. So satisfying. It’ll feel like a treat, but really, it’s a superfood!

I’ll continue experimenting with combinations and keep you all posted!

Here’s to health!