A Visit from Captain Cookie (BEST cookies around)!!

A Visit from Captain Cookie (BEST cookies around)!!

Have you tried a cookie from the Captain Cookie & the Milkman food truck??

I had my first cookie from Captain Cookie at Taste of DC this past October, and it was the BEST chocolate chip cookie I have ever had (seriously…ever). It was the perfect cookie: warm, soft-on-the-inside, crisp-on-the-outside, and loaded with chocolate chips. YUM!

How do you make the perfect cookie even better?? Turn it into an ice cream cookie sandwich!! They’re made right when you order! You can choose whichever TWO kinds of cookies you’d like (yes, you can choose 2 different kinds) and then choose your ice cream flavor! Pumpkin ice cream sandwiched between a chocolate chip cookie and a peanut butter cookie?! An oatmeal raisin and a ginger molasses cookie with vanilla ice cream?! SO GOOD!

Happy Birthday Caroline & Julia from Captain Cookie!

It was two of my friends/co-workers’ birthday today (well one today and one tomorrow). So, I asked Captain Cookie if he could swing by close to our office today to celebrate. And you know what? He did! How awesome is that?!  We all got cookie ice cream sandwiches and they were outstanding (as always)! I got a nutella cookie and a peanut butter cookie with eggnog ice cream:

Captain Cookie 1


Thank you Captain Cookie!

Happy Birthday Caroline & Julie!


I’ve been back to the Captain Cookie food truck many, many times.  Always amazing. Always worth it.  It’s fun to go with friends (or by yourself), for a birthday, special treat, or just because! There are even 2 trucks now = increased cookie awesomeness throughout DC. Kirk and the team are always super friendly.

I highly recommend brightening you day with cookies and/or ice cream! Or a few cookie ice cream sandwiches…

IMG_20140311_134436Truly, you’ll have a better day.


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